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Organic Moringa Products @ Cambodia


Baca-Villa is a socially responsible company in Organic plant nursery through its own organic certified farms in Cambodia for our International customers.

Baca-Villa and the 17 SDGoals for People, for Planet.

We are proud to announce that we are the only supplier in the world that has been approved by the world’s largest Organic Moringa buyer!

Our organic trees and crops are in an environmentally friendly and not in a polluted environment, free from urban pollution.

After the leaves are washed with RO water, they are dried in our fully automatic controlled drying machines to max 70c and the moisture <7% is reached.
This way organoleptic quality is guaranteed!

We produce
– Organic Moringa and various other types of Powder,
– Different types of Organic Moringa Tea and variations
– Different types of Organic Moringa tablets and variations
– Different types of Cold-Pressed Oils
In all kinds of quantities and food-resistant packaging.
All products meet the Eur PAH and International Heavy Metal and Micro values.

All Organic Moringa products are made according to the International BRC Global Standard for Food Safety requirements.


Organic Moringa Farm at Cambodia

On 150 hectares in the Cambodian countryside, we grow our Organic Moringa trees and other crops naturally, far away from pollution. Our farmers receive monthly training courses for improving themselves and techniques.

We make a large number of different organic products for our customers, under their own names and labels, so white labels.

Through our highly trained employees and constant workshops and training on both the farms and in the factory, we ensure that all quality procedures are performed optimally.

Organic Food supplements, Spices, and Herbs:All-kind-of-Organic-BCVL-Products

All kind of Organic Spices, and Herbs

Fresh-Pre-Dry-Dry-Powder-Organic-Moringa-Baca-VillaFor more information email us.

Organic Cold-pressed seeds oils:

Cold-Press Seeds
We are also approved & specialized in the international Pharmaceutical Oil standards in cold-pressed oils, including the Moringa, Neem, Sesame, Sun-Flower, Pumpkin, Mango, Sacha inchi, etc.

Baca-Villa employees have been trained by an International consultancy to meet the high international Pharmaceutical Oil standards. Our machines are also approved according to international Pharmaceutical Oil standards.


Our customers are highly valued companies in the international food, cosmetic and health market sector.

If you also want to be part of this, please contact us.
With best regards,
Baca-Villa Team

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa made in Cambodia.

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We thank all Universities and students who run their internship at Baca-Villa every year to gain experience and contribute to updating and improving processes and further developing new products.
https://www.hasuniversity.nl/ and

Baca-Villa HeartThe Best for your Health!
    Made in Cambodia!

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia with the highest quality.


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