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International airport

People of Cambodia
Land area of Cambodia

International dialing


: Phnom Penh
: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
: Khmer, secondly English and French
: 97% are Theravada Buddhism, while the others are Christian, Muslim…
: Over 14 million
: 181,035 km²
: 220v/50Hz
: GMT + 7 hours
: 855

: Public Holidays at Cambodia 2015

: Wikipedia Public Holidays in Cambodia 2015.

: Buddhist Holidays 2014 (BE2557)

Khmer Buddhist Calendar B.E. 2558 A.D. 2015



Meeting & Greeting in Cambodia:

Cambodians are an extremely hospitable and friendly people.

Read here more about good behavior, basic rules and respect when visiting Cambodia:



Passport and Visa

Required is a passport with at least 6 months validity.

Thailand and Cambodia agreed on Wednesday, December 26 2012, to finally implement a single visa agreement.

Since December 27 2012, tourists from 35 countries can consequently obtain a single visa to visit both countries. The visa allows visitors to stay up to 60 days in Thailand and 60 days in Cambodia.

More info: http://www.traveldailynews.asia/news/article/51275/cambodia-and-thailand-implement-finally

For the most countries a visa is required. At the airport in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and at the border Poipet (Thailand, Cambodia) you can buy a tourist Visa for US $ 20 (Price may be changed in some places) which is valid for 30 days and Business Visa for US $ 25. And you can also ask for Visa in your country at the Cambodia Ambassador. If you like to stay longer than 30 days you are able to ask for a business visa, prices us$ 25,- in Phnom Penh and in some travel offices in Siem Reap you can change your business visa for longer as 30 days (till one year).

Tourist Visa can be extended for another one month, but only one time, the Visa extension can be made at Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Business Visa can be renewed indefinitely. 


Cambodia Ambassador in Bangkok:
Consulate of Cambodia in Sa Kaew, Thailand
No. 666, Sowanasone Road Tambun Thakasem, Ampheu
Meung Sa Kaew 27000, Sa Kaew Province


Safety and Hygiene:

A lot of people always mail me how about the mines, is it safe to walk on the streets, what kind of disease Cambodia has and what's the risk. Here some answers:



In Siem Reap it's safe to walk on the street also in the evening, there are no mines in the wide area of Siem Reap. The local people are very nice and friendly so don't worry about this.

The mines who are still in Cambodia are far away in the countryside.

The safety in Phnom Penh is the same as in all big cities around the world.



Don't drink the water, you can buy on every corner here bottle's of water.

Don't use a lot of ice in your drinks, especially in the beginning when you are arriving in Asia, your stomach has to use to it. Eating in the cheap streets restaurants is up to you, there is always a risk that you will have a bad stomach or what else.


Visit always your house doctor or a medical institute before you are visiting Cambodia, he can tell you exactly what you need and what you don't need.


Taxi Cambodia:

www.angkortaxitravel.com /  email : metratan@yahoo.com / Phone : (855) 12 527 090 / (855) 97 993 9993


Coming by bus from Bangkok - Poipet.

Take care on Poipet, some people like your money, read this information.

The road from Poipet to Siem Reap is since 2010 new and in very good condition. It takes around 3.5 hours to be in Siem Reap. It depends on the guide and bus drivers they like to stop as much as possible. They like to come as late as possible in Siem Reap because they get commissions from Guesthouses and hotels so that the guests will not go to other guesthouses or hotels.


Coming from Poipet by taxi to Siem Reap.

If you like you can take a taxi to Siem Reap. It cost you about us $ 30-45,- per taxi (depends on how many people) you will sit comfortable with AC and you will be arriving within a few hours (3-5 hours). You will find them outside the border gate, ask the people on the street they will help you.

Also the taxi drivers get commissions from Hotels and Guesthouses in Siem Reap.


Coming by bus or taxi from Phnom Phen to Siem Reap.

Every bus company has it's own bus station in Siem Reap.

There are many bus companies, one of the best once are Mekong Express, Angkor Express with toilets and clean seats.

Less comfortable but cheaper are Sorya, GST and Neak kror Horm.


   Coming by bus from Ho Shi Minh to Siem Reap.

Mekong Express and Capitol Tours are bus companieswhich driving to Siem Reap.


Coming by boot from Phnom Phen or battambang to Siem Reap.

Many tuk tuk's are waiting for you by arriving, the best is arrange a pickup from your guesthoue our hotel.


Cheap flights from Bangkok to Phnom Penh !

http://www.airasia.com/site/kh/home.jsp (online booking)

See the prices from Air Asia, it's very interesting to take a look.

If you take the plain from Bangkok to Phnom Penh and then the bus (or boat USD 35,-) to Siem Reap it cost you around USD 50,-

(+/- USD 44.50 Bangkok-Phnom, the bus from PP to Siem Reap is +/- USD 6,-)

The best bus is Mekong Express or a little bit cheaper and less comfortable is

Neak Kror Horm (In every travel agency you can by bus tickets).


Airplane Bangkok - Siem Reap.

Taxies are available to bring you to you place of stay.

Phnom Penh:
If you like you can make your stay in Cambodia longer by visiting Phnom Penh by flight, boat, bus or taxi from Siem Reap.

Phnom Penh is a city with one million people along the Mekong river. A visit to the Royal Palace of the King from Cambodia should be in there also the National Museum and the Khmer museum is a must to see, rather than this you’ll also should visit the prison ( S21 )also called Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and killing fields during Pol Pot regime. Please read here more: Phnom_Penh, Stung Sleng-Museum-Killing Fields



Cambodia knows 4 climates.

  1. November      –        February        = cool and dry

  2. March           –        May              = hot and dry

  3. June             -        August          = hot and rainy but nice weather

  4. September     -        October         = cool and wet


In Cambodia there are many kinds of transportations. You can make your choice for a car, bus, motor bike, Tuk Tuk or Bicycle. But the most popular transportation in Siem Reap is Tuk Tuk.

Tuk Tuk is the name of a motorcycle trailer; it’s the very favorite one. The capacity of one Tuk Tuk is 3 or 4 persons ( Including the driver ). The prices depends on the driver (you can make a deal with them).

If you like you can also visit by elephant some temples.

By arriving in the guesthouse every guests will receive a complete book with all kind of information like the history of Angkor, descriptions of all the temples and actual information about Siem Reap with locations maps. 

Wear light, airy, covering clothing to protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes. The sun can be intense so bring a hat, sunglasses and perhaps sun blocks with you. For mosquitoes is DEET 30 % recommended. Ask you doctor for medical information in Cambodia.
During the rain season wear a raincoat, most of the time it’s raining in the afternoon. 

In pagodas:  Put your shoes and hat or cap off before entering, discreet clothes is appreciated.

Currency: 4000 Riel is $ 1,- (date 11-2014). With dollars you can easily pay everywhere.

               Don't change money at the Poipet border the currency is very bad ! You can pay 

               everywhere in Cambodia with us dollars and get some small change in Riel back.


Credit Cards: some places accept credit cards and travelers checks. Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly accepted cards. Most business cards charge 2% - 4% fee to accept credit cards.

Eur is not acceptable, of course you can change it here.

In Phnom Penh and in Siem Reap there is ATM.


You can make tours from one, two, three, a week or more days for visiting the monuments.


The driver pick you up in the morning at the time you like (if you wish to see the sunrise you can ask him to start at 05.00 or 05.30 am in the morning depends on the season). Because of the hot sun in the day time, it’s better that you start early in the morning and come back at 11.00 a 12.00 am for a brake, shower, lunch and maybe a little sleep. You can restart your visit at 14.30 or 15.00 pm.

In the guesthouse you can take a cool shower, enjoy your lunch in our restaurant and take a brake.


After the temples tour you have the possibility to enjoy the other area (Sights) around Siem Reap, like:

  Bicycle Tours: Many shop at down town provide tours (Pictures from the countryside of Siem Reap)


   Tonle Sap (is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world) (a boat trip is possible).

- Meditation, Monk chat, Buddhism religion in a rustic ambiance with Venerable Kroch Bopha.

Floating fishing villages, where people live on the water, sleep and eat. Where you will

  experience the life on the water.
Visiting the interesting places of the pagodas, where they are the seat of Khmer culture and

  you can see the Buddhist monks praying to Buddha. To get a true feel for Cambodia, you at least

  visit one pagoda.


- Silk farm factory tour
Mine museum is where many weapon remain from the civil war are kept (shows the mine

  problems from the war)
- The central market shows how the people sell there vegetables and fish etc. In the old market

  you can buy all kind of souvenirs. (Clothes are not expensive to buy here).
- The rise and/or sun set in Angkor is always very nice and beautiful to see.
Cambodia Culture Village, a unique sprawling new cultural attraction in Siem Reap shows the

  culture and history scenes and figures from history.
- Silk museum, it shows the whole process from worm to silk.

- Massage salons, let you enjoy and relax by one a of the massage salons.
- After a busy day you can enjoy an excellent meal together with a traditional dance

   performance  or puppet show.

- etc. etc.

THINK!: Children are not tourist attractions



Baca Villa Moringa Farm

Organic Moringa farm Baca Villa

You can buy our Organic Moringa products!

The countryside from Siem Reap is beautiful. As soon as you leave the town of Siem Reap you will see how the kindly Cambodians live in sometimes very primitive circumstances Khmer huts.

After your visit to Angkor, take the bicycle and spent some days to learn Cambodia. You will see that Cambodia has much more to offer than only Angkor.

Learn the art of Khmer Cooking by: Cambodia Cooking Class.

More information: www.cambodia-cooking-class.com

14, Street 285 Phnom Penh



Rikitikitavi - Kampot Hotel Rooms, Restaurant and Bar (Nice place to stay !)


Dom, Denise and the Riki team



If you like, after your stay in Siem Reap and/or Phnom Penh go to Sihanoukville by bus, there you can relax at the beautiful beach.

A very good place to stay in Sihanoukville is: Orchidée Guesthouse, also a Dutch owner:


All information, tickets and place to stay, we can arrange for you.


     - Cambodia-Dutch Organization

      If you like to volunteer, visit our webiste...

THINK!: Children are not tourist attractions


     For more pictures about our projects and Cambodia:


- Visit our donated and supported health care and English schools where we are teaching for free.

Ask our staff at Baca Villa to visit our projects by tuk tuk



- Interesting information about Cambodia in the way they are living :






- More information about traveling in Asia : Orient-Go; Journeys with special faces & places

- Rock Sand Resort (relax place to stay after your round trip) White Sand Beach Koh Chang Thailand Dutch Owners.

 - For tickets, trips, adventures, Visa etc : http://www.cambodia.nl.

 - Cambodia Cooking Class : http://www.cambodia-cooking-class.com

 - Photo's of Cambodia : http://www.essaka.de

 - Reinhart Zieler, Autor & Researcher in Angkor (specialist Angkor Guide):


 -Treve & Katrina Exploring the Khmer Empire in Cambodia



If you have any question please e-mail us: Contact Baca Villa

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