DFS T-Gallery Angkor and Moringa Baca-Villa.

DFS T-Gallery Angkor and Moringa Baca-Villa.

Baca Villa Organic Moringa products inside of DFS T-Gallery at Angkor.

Vitchika selling Moringa products Baca-Villa at DFSThe T Galleria Angkor store spans more than 8,000 square meters over two floors, and is housed in a spectacular Khmer architecture building shared with the Angkor National Museum, home to some of the region’s most acclaimed historical artefacts.

Siem Reap accounted for almost 30% of the 4 million international visitors, as well as most of the international cultural tourists arriving into Cambodia in 2013. As tourism is anticipated to continue, accounting for an increasingly large proportion of Cambodia’s overall GDP, DFS aims to work in close partnership with local organizations and institutions to support the growth of a sustainable economy.

Baca Villa productions Co Ltd is proud to present our entire range Organic Moringa products inside of DFS T-Gallery at Angkor.

It will also house a restaurant, offering travelers a tranquil respite from their active itineraries. Product ranges on offer will include high fashion and accessories, watches and jewelry, and fragrances and cosmetics from leading international brands as well as a selection of the best available locally handcrafted products.

From Honolulu to Abu Dhabi, DFS stores can be discovered in the World.
For more than 50 years, DFS has been THE preferred partner for worlds leading brands.
The DFS mark is a recognized symbol of quality, personalized services and curation of the the world’s brands.

DFS employees are speaking over 26 languages, offer products expertise and cultural intelligence and setting them apart from every other luxury retailers.

Philippe Schaus, chairman and CEO of DFS Group, said:
“Indeed, as the leader in luxury travel retail, we aim to elevate the experience for our travelling clientele by offering high quality, expertly-crafted and curated products from our partner brands around the world as well as from Cambodia.”

More info about DFS Group:
DFS Galleria Cambodia

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