Moringa at Cambodia is coming. It offers perfect conditions for Moringa trees.Moringa at Cambodia is coming. It offers perfect conditions for Moringa trees.

The organic Moringa value chain is an ideal crop since it grows year around, it supplements the daily meal with important minerals and vitamins. As Moringa is in most Western Countries a new product the market demand is growing rapidly.

It’s BACA-VILLA long term business interest to support the farmers and people in the rural Cambodia with measurements that they will be able to keep their land and provide a better life in terms of income, housing, hygiene, health and welfare.

Cambodia has one of the highest levels of forest cover in the region this makes it rich in natural resources and biological diversity – among the bio-richest countries in Southeast Asia. It offers perfect conditions for Moringa trees.

Moringa at Cambodia offers perfect conditions for cultivate Moringa trees not only the forest also the climate is excellent, Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia in the tropical zone, just 10-13 degrees north off the equator.
Furthermore >than 60% of the population is working in the agriculture and because the soil is from excellent high quality, the Moringa tree likes it here very much, which also means it stimulates the agriculture economy for the farmers.

Countrywide there are two seasons of relatively equal length, defined by varying precipitation as temperatures and humidity are generally high and steady throughout the entire year.
This makes it possible up to 8 Moringa leaves harvest per year, sometimes even higher.
Seeds harvest from 1 till 2 or 3 times a year from January till May/June.


The maximum mean is about 30 °C (86 °F) ; the minimum mean, about 24 °C (75 °F).
The total annual rainfall average is between 1,000 and 1,500 mm.
Perfect for the Moringa tree.

We’re constantly working on improvements for farmers, hygienic hand washing, how to prune to organic farming and use of organic fertilizers, fixed prices, more education and information. This implements also achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainable farming as well as improved social and environmental standards.

Dry-Organic-Moringa-Leaves-Baca-VillaAll our harvest batches undergo first a microbiological test before going to production.
After the test results are conform our requirements, leaves are going to the next production round. If the batch leaves do not meet our criteria then they are destroyed.
Many Moringa farmers and producers in the world are not working conform this protocol with is a high risk of having contamination in their products.
Last I read an article by a producer that if the ph is 7 of its leaves the quality is good for him ?
All our leaves are washed by the organic law approved chlorine disinfection process.
By means of a comprehensive study, after pre-drying the leaves then dried by a maximum temperature of 55 Celsius with a moisture of 7% to retain the maximum nutritional value and shelf life.

Of course, the entire process takes place under very hygienic conditions in which the employees work according to custom hygienic clothing and hygiene requirements and the environment is clean and in conformity with HACCP. Our team of quality follows this tight on.

Traceability is also important !
From every batch we measuring the moisture and from all packaging we have a product specification conform the international food law. We can follow all products using our traceability system.

Working conform HACCP is more than very important only then you know what you’re producing.

We work with several universities, in collaboration with our quality management. They are also working hard to guarantee the quality, process improvement and the measure to prevent.
We also spend a lot of time on research and development of new Moringa products. At the request of customers and together with their we can also tailor made Moringa products.

Organic Moringa has a beautiful future in Cambodia and for Cambodia and for the consumers. Moringa at Cambodia is coming.

If You like to have more info please mail us.

Organic Moringa the best for your health !


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