Organic Moringa growing CambodiaOrganic Moringa growing Cambodia

Other ways of Moringa growing and much faster !

Moringa Nursery Baca Villa

Moringa Nursery Baca Villa

There are three ways to grow Moringa’s. Just put the seeds in the soil (around 1 cm) or (if you have) cut from bigger Moringa trees the stem/root into parts from around 20 a 30cm and put them into the soil or the best way is to start growing Moringa as a nursery. It’s a faster way and easier to control. When they are around 20cm high put them in to the soil.

The more you cut the top of the leaves, the faster the leaves are growing. After one meter high we prune the top outside otherwise the tree will be to high which is not easy to handle the leaves.

Keep the soil around the tree soft and remove weed around, weed is good but not to much and be careful don’t damage the roots.

How to make money with Moringa farming you can find here.

To protect your leaves use Neem, more information about how to make and use Neem here…..


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