thegreenleafboutique-Siem-Reap-wit-swimming-poolMoringa Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

Green Leaf Boutique Hotel

We are a group of Canadian Humanitarian workers who fell in love with Cambodia. A non-profit hotel with funds going e.g. towards our unique Moringa tree water purification program.

Organic Moringa from Baca-Villa by Green-Leaf Hotel at Siem-Reap


During your stay you will have the opportunity to learn more about this miracle tree by speaking to our staff. You can also try our menu of Moringa infused foods and beverages. 


Moringa ice cream from Baca-Villa by Bleu Pumpkins

Serving excellent Moringa omelet which is a favorite for our guests, traditional Khmer Moringa soup and Moringa ice cream as desert of course. And they have a signature Moringa Green Leaf cocktail which is a “healthy” cocktail, mixed with Palm Sugar.  It is absolutely delicious and refreshing.


    You can book a private Khmer cooking class with some of the best chefs in Siem Reap, inside our kitchen.
    The Green Leaf represents the Moringa tree, which is also referred to as the “Miracle Tree.”   This tree grows in areas which are considered as “developing countries.” For thousands of years people have been using the tree as a source of food and medicine, because of all the nutrients that the leaves provide.  The bark of the tree is also used to produce flower for bread, and to make soaps and essential oils. And more…… Through our partners at Baca-Villa Organic Moringa, we also offer tours to Moringa farms and research facilities.We are located minutes away from the major attractions that Siem Reap has to offer.Book you’re stay:
  • √Non-Profit    √Organic Certified    √Green Establishment    √Fair Employer.


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