Baca Villa Prouctions

Organic entrepreneurship and Moringa in Cambodia

Read everything about the Agronomic characteristics of
Moringa olifera and the Nutritional characteristics and other opportunities of Moringa olifera. The Organic entrepreneurship in Asia, the Materials and methods. The case of Baca Villa Organic Co, the Discussion and Conclusions.

Moringa oleifera lam. is one of those multi-purpose vegetal species with exceptional nutritional and therapeutic properties, and could be considered as one of the potential food that can contribute to the eliminate malnutrition and increase the welfare of third world countries. Thanks to its exceptional nutrient composition it can be used to fight and prevent many diseases while improving the sources of antioxidants for humans. To promote its cultivation, a bibliographical review of different language sources was done in this paper. Following that there is the aim to show the commercial possibilities of this plant showing a case study of one organic entrepreneurship project in a developing country. This article shows how some entrepreneurs, belonging to the firm Baca Villa Co., in Siem Reap province are becoming pioneers in the creation of new jobs in agro-food sector and promoting the extension of this know-how to other farmers. This experience rewards to be shown and spread as a reference case of an agroecological lighthouse of sustainable and profitable green activities. The aim of this clause is that it can be useful to be involved as an object lesson on how to tackle and change the movement of the vicious circle of poverty and ignorance about food nutrients and the agronomic possibilities of novelty varieties, mixed with the virtues derived from certified respect to local environments. Here you can read it already in English and here in Khmer.

By Dr., M.Sc. José Manuel Ramos, Doctor in Natural Resources and Sustainable management with specialization in Agroecology, awarded by the University of Cordoba in Spain.

Thanks to the support of the European Commission, through the programme Erasmus Mundus.

Soon published, if you like to have more information, please mail us. Here you can read it already in English and here in Khmer.

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