SILVER DIAMOND FLUORIDE (SDF), a ‘Silver Bullet’ for managing Dental Caries in Cambodia.

Also in Cambodia a lot of good research is done at the Universities.


SILVER DIAMOND FLUORIDE (SDF), a 'Silver Bullet' for managing Dental Caries in Cambodia.

Partly thanks to the French Embassy and Institute of Technology and partners.
The last few days I have been able to view many new projects during the French-Cambodia research days and you are amazed with what kind of ideas students come, great fun to see.

One of the most outstanding projects, and winner, is SDF (SILVER DIAMMINE FLUORIDE), a ‘SILVER BULLET‘ FOR MANAGING DENTAL CARIES in CAMBODIA.

Thanks to Mengkheng Chray, Shunhour Khorn, Sreykhouch Da
from the University of Puthisastra, Phnom Penh.

A short description about the SILVER DIAMOND FLUORIDE (SDF), a ‘Silver Bullet’ for managing Dental Caries in Cambodia.:
The aim of this project is to demonstrate that SDF can be used in a school-based health program to provide significant reductions in active dental caries in a high-risk population.


The use of SDF in the Healthy Kids Cambodia project, demonstrates how, in a country like Cambodia, which is a very limited resource. can afford.

The consequences of poor health in children have been well described. Apart from frequent episodes of pain and infection, children and difficulties in eating healthy foods (which can result in under-nutrition). They may have to do school or be unable to concentrate in class due to toothache. Their dental appearance can be affected in embarrassment and social problems. And if they do not manage to get treatment – this can be a significant drain on the family budget. Cambodian children deserve better than this!

Silver Diammine Fluoride (SDF) is a clinically applied treatment that controls active dental caries and aids in preventing further progression of the caries process (Chu et al., 2002). It has been used in a few countries by some dentists since the late 1970s, however recently there has been a resurgence in interest in this unique dental material.  The SDF ion acts directly on the caries lesion to inhibit demineralization, promote remineralization, and render the lesion hard and resistant to further advancement (Rosenblatt A et al., 2009). As well as arresting dental caries, SDF can be used to prevent new lesions in the enamel. This preventive effect has been documented in the pits and fissures of first permanent molars (Lodara et al., 2012), which are the first permanent teeth to decay in most Cambodian children.

There are several different preparations of SDF however the best results appear to be with concentrations of 30-38% SDF. 

The SDF which was used for this study cost less than $ 10 for a 5 ml bottle which can approximate 100 children, and caries in about 80% of these children.Carries Stop

You can read their project here.

If you like to have more information about the SILVER DIAMOND FLUORIDE (SDF), a ‘Silver Bullet’ for managing Dental Caries in Cambodia., please mail us and we contact you with the students.

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