What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year!

What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year!

What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year!. Our new state-of-the-art factory is operational, lots of new machines, new customers, working on BRC Global Food safety, working on expanding organic farms, adding new products, expanding our quality service etc etc.

New state of the art Factory Baca-Villa at Cambodia

New Packaging-room-Baca-Villa

In July our Grand evening opening of the PPP!
More will be added in 2019!

What’s on the program for 2019:
2019 through our new Solar drying machines program we will be drying solar energy on farms, much improvement for farmers (higher income farmers, much higher capacity).
2019 +/- 25 new Organic farms and Organic certifications.
2019 New expansion of our product range.
2019 Baca will come with a great surprise in the field of research and the development of a new Moringa product.
2019 Obtaining the BRC Global food safety Certificate
2019 Workshops training in Oils extract and qualifying and analyzing through GS-MS in accordance with international requirements.

With many thanks to all our people in Baca-Villa who have made an incredible contribution to this success, without them it would have been impossible to realize this.


We wish you all happy holidays, and we would like to see you all back in 2019.



Latest Baca-Villa Portfolio here….



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