Organic Moringa Tea from Cambodia.

Organic Moringa Tea from Cambodia.

The Moringa tea is made from the finest Moringa leaves.
The selected leaves are dried in two stages to maintain the optimum taste and nutritional value.Organic-Moringa-Tea

As you know, the Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous tree, that’s why it’s the most nutrient tree ever discovered. Rich in very important vitamins, minerals, and Amino Acids. Compare Moringa with other types of nourishment and see the advantage…

Besides its amazing nutrient value, Moringa holds many antioxidants, antibacterials, antimicrobials, antitoxins, and antimycotics. That’s why Moringa has a variety of uses including medicinal. Moringa is an excellent natural organic source or necessary nutrients and energy.

We can offer tea in all kinds of varieties
In Ginger with Moringa
With Turmeric and Moringa
With Kaffir Lime with Moringa
Etc. the proportions can be determined as desired in consultation.
We choose the general
25% of the chosen spices with 75% Moringa leaves.


Baca-Villa 30 sachets met string in a hygienic sachet bag packed

All our spices grow on our organic certified farms in rural Cambodia.

Early in the morning the fresh leaves are collected with our AC pickup and immediately processed the same day in our factory.

Tea can be made and delivered with or without stems. And the stems can be cut to size from small pieces up to 1 to 2 cm, of your choice.




Full automatic high capacity drying

Do you also have a certain taste mixed with Moringa in mind? Let us know, we are always interested.

We can package tea in all sorts of variants, from 50 g up to and including 20 kg of food grade certified bags.
Or the tea box with sachets in the packaging you want.

For more information contact us.

Organic Moringa Tea from Cambodia.

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