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Organic Moringa Cambodia

Moringa Sustainble farming and manufactured by Baca Villa


COrAA Organic Certified Baca Vill-EUR-USDA-NOP Organic certified by Eco Cert

Organic certified against the Cambodian and International Organic Standards.

The Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous tree !
It's the most nutrient tree ever discovered.

The Best for your Health ! Made in Cambodia.
Moringa Oleifera is extreme rich in very important
vitamin, Protein, Minerals and Amino-Acids.

Did you know that…

Cambodia enjoys a strong tea drinking culture. There is evidence that tea was introduced during the Angkorian period (802–1431), when envoys from China visited the rulers of the Khmer Empire. Due to the hot climate of Cambodia, teas are often served in a glass of ice.

Our quality team is constantly watching our production process and researching and developing new products.

Baca Villa Organic Moringa, education by Apsara TV (in Khmer).

Our Moringa information is available in English, Khmer, Korean, Chinese, German, French and Dutch language.

Fresh Organic Moringa Leaves


Moringa Oleifera is extreme rich in very important vitamin, Protein, Minerals and Amino-Acids.
This makes that the Moringa leaves are so such a natural organic source been for the daily necessary
vitamin, Minerals and Energy in our body. Besides the amazing nutrient value, the Moringa Oleifera holds many antioxidants, antibacterial, antimicrobial antitoxin and antimycotic materials, is the tree consecrated with a large use of variety for medical use. Compare Moringa Oleifera with other nourishment types....

Moringa Tree

MORINGA Recommendations for daily allowances (RDA)

* Excellent as Food Supplement for for a nursing mother.
* For growing-up children.
* Moringa strengthens the immune system.
* Moringa can lower one's blood pressure.
* Moringa regulates blood sugar.
* Moringa improves digestion.
* Moringa is an antioxidant.
* Moringa prevents anemia.
* Moringa slows aging.
* Moringa is a natural energy-booster.

    Main Healthy Benefits:
- The perfect natural supplement for enhanced overall health
- strengthens the immune system.
- Cleans toxins from the body.
- Supports treatments for gout and arthritis, Cardiovascular health.
- Control of high blood pressure and Lower blood sugar levels.
- Relief from gastrointestinal distress.
- Improved liver function.

Moringa Tablets Cambodia

100%Moringa, Moringa-Honey-Tablets, Moringa-Spirulina and Spirulina Tablets,more info here....

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Moringa-Seeds-30Ml Oil

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Cambodia Moringa Soap

Natural Moringa Soap, handmade, pure ingredients, no additives...


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