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Natural Moringa Soap



Baca Villa Productions is using the cold process method (also called saponification process), which is the oldest method that humans have used to make soap.

This method is typically used because of the very mild procedure.


Baca villa soap is 100 percent natural handmade soap no chemical used. No food color used. No fragrance. No AS or LAS mineral oil. No additive.

Ingredients are:

- Pure, natural Moringa powder

- Pure honey
- Pure Palm oil
- Pure Coconut oil
- Purified water
- Natural oil

Moringa Soap-certified-by-Ministery-of-Cambodia

Registered and certified by the Ministery of Industry at Cambodia.

Pure Natural Moringa Soap

Organic Moringa Soap


Process of making Moringa Soap

Natural Moringa Soap in Khmer also available In Khmer languages
  Natural Moringa Soap in English Label
  Natural Moringa Soap on Enlish Label.


- Helps slow down signs of aging

- Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal

- Improves skin elasticity and suppleness

- Anti-bacterial and anti-acne - Skin lightening

Its very useful in places where soap or water is not or less available, and where this tree grows naturally.

It could also be a cheap and healthy hand-washing optional product.

Other authors found that aqueous and ethanolic leaf extracts were effective against Salmonella.

Hand washing with soap could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year by safeguarding people against diseases

transmitted through contaminated hands, including diarrhea which is the second biggest killer of under five year olds.

Hand washing products that are both readily available and effective could be useful in encouraging increased hand

washing with soap in settings where such diseases contribute significantly to the disease burden.

SHARE-funded research has found that, a plant found in many tropical and subtropical countries, whose antibacterial

activity against different pathogens has been described in different in vitro settings, can be an effective hand

washing product if used in the correct concentration.

Our handmade soap by bulk we can make in more design, style include your company logo stamp....ask us.

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Pure, 100%, Organic, No use of Chemicals

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