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Since February 2005 working as a social enterprise

with a large Cambodian family in Cambodia.

About Baca Villa

Organic Moringa Farming and producing

EUR / USDA / NOP Orgaanic Certificated

Our Moringa products are EUR / USDA / NOP

US FDA registered

Kosher Certificated


2005 we start our Oude Baca Villa 2005 - 20013guesthouse Baca Villa

Organic Moringa Farm Baca Villa2013 Our Organic Moringa Farm


2005: The hospitable and friendly Khmer family who is working in Baca Villa is responsible and takes care of everything: the guests, the rooms, the restaurant, the transport etc. The two oldest boys had a training at Sala Bai, a restaurant- and hotel school in Siem Reap. Every evening, all the children attend English class in Baca Villa, some of them get extra lessons, some go to school during the day or in the evenings, but all of them are working in Baca Villa 7 days a week. 

Extremely friendly and helpful they will do everything to make it as pleasant as possible for the guest. In almost 8 years, they developed into a great and friendly staff for Baca Villa. Nevertheless, remember that this family originates from the countryside and often they cannot read or write and are barely educated. Your suggestions or comments are always welcome to help them to improve!

Also our fantastic and well-known restaurant is a big source of income for the entire family. Here you'll find delicious Khmer and Western meals and our BBQ evenings are well-known for the excellent hygienic meat we are serving. Everything is prepared and served with disinfected water and ice.

The entire turnover benefits the family, their sustenance, their education, their future. The total amount of family members which are working here, who are obtaining there income with this business, for who education is financed en who are also medically supported, is 29 persons plus their families in their villages in the countryside of Takeo province. 

More often I work with volunteers in Baca Villa. They are helping to support, to educate the family and to help to make your stay as pleasant as possible. You can always contact them with any questions, or ask for me.

Since 2006 I start with Free English teaching at the countryside of Siem Reap, in the meantime we are doing more. 2007 we make our own Cambodia-Dutch Khmer house and take care of 2 orphans.

In 2008 we build a new Primary school in the Countryside of CHHUK village, in 2009 we start building a Health care and a volunteers house at Takeo both in the countryside.

2011 We rebuild the Rhomdeng school en making 2x libraries with Room to Read.

We made more than 300 water pumps, repair them, supporting > 600 water filters, building new houses, sending containers to Cambodia with clothes, bringing weekly food around to families with a poor card, take care about kids and going to school etc.

2013 we are teaching 20 Hours a day with local trained teachers Free English in Siem Reap province and at Tako at the countryside and we're teaching sewing at Takeo province.

Since 07-2013 we stopped with our Baca Villa guesthouse & restaurant.

Since 2010 we start with growing the Moringa trees and , we are all (the whole family + from CHHUK village many people) working as a social enterprise in our own Organic Moringa factory......making Tea, powder, tablets, Oil, Soap and natural beauty products etc. and we organize Moringa farming education for farmers and NGO's etc, we also explaining at schools and for NGO's how to purified water from Moringa seeds.....

Excellent products, excellent for employment !

2015 we're Organic certificated for EUR / USDA and NOP.

Read the scientific book work about Baca Villa.....

- Organic Entrepreurship and Moringa in Cambodia. A case study : Baca Villa Productions Co Ltd by Dr., M.Sc. JosÚ Manuel Ramos, Doctor in Natural Resources and Sustainable management with specialization in Agroecology, awarded by the University of Cordoba in Spain.(IN Khmer here).

See our Organic Moringa product range

2017 we start building our new FactoryBaca-Villa New facatory

Conform BRC Food safety standard.

2018 High quality machines with huge capacity helping us.

Expelled-Cold-Press-Oil-Machine Grinding-Machine-For-Powder Automatic-Drying-Hot-Air-Huminity-control-temperature
Expelled automatic temperature control Cold Press Oil Grinding machine for powder Automatic- control-temperature-Hot Air, Humanity drying machine.

at Moringa Cambodia  / at Baca Villa

For more information please,  contact us here



Cambodia-Dutch Organization since 2005

     For more pictures about our projects and Cambodia:


- Visit our donated and supported health care and English schools where we are teaching for free.

Building new Schools at the countryside

Our CDO House

Our supported Health Care

Teaching English for Free

New Primary school CHHUK

Our CDO House

Our Health Care with facilities

Everyday 20 hours Free English


Since 2010 we start with the Moringa farm, please visit the website for more information.

More projects from us here:

- Cambodia Dutch Organization

- Moringa Farm

- Cricket Farm

- Sewing School



Since 2012 we have a sewing school at Takeo and selling them Fare Trade online, take a look here.

Thank you very much for visiting Baca Villa, buying our products or visiting our projects.

In Khmer "Awkoen Tsjraan"

Best regards,

Jan and the entire family

Baca Villa Productions Co Ltd


Baca-Villa Productions Co Ltd / Cambodia-Dutch Organization

Postcode 17651, Street 67, Prey Kuy Village
Ampil Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap
, Cambodia.

GPS Baca-Villa 13.368139, 103.919778

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Phone : +855 (0)63 900 328

E-mail: Please, contact us here...
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