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- We are recognized as Chemical free and Organic Moringa production in Germany and in Cambodia.

Food Chemical and Food Microbiological

Certified by Ministry of Industry and Handicraft at Cambodia.

Accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia.

- We are working conform Europe standards and HACCP.

- Our zip bags are international food grade certified !


Our Moringa products are certified by COrAA

Moringa History

The start was made at Baca Villa garden when I receive seeds from Steve and Josh from Engineers Without Borders (EWB) US.


After this was growing well I started growing on a bigger land outside of

Siem Reap nowadays we are growing more and Moringa trees.


Flowers of the Moringa Oleifera.


This was the start


Organic with No use of Chemical Products.


 Moringa's start

A lot of leaves

Beautiful nice smell flower

The flowers contain a fair amount of both Calcium and potassium and provide nectar for bees as well.


Flourish and growing

The seed pods (fruits) of the Moringa Oleifera tree are one of the most nutritive and useful parts of this versatile plant. Also known as drumsticks due to their elongated shape, the seed pods are used in a variety of traditional and modern medical treatments and are consumed as food in many areas of the world.


Ben oil is pressed from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera

Moringa seed pods are used to treat drinking water supplies as well due to their natural coagulant properties that allow particulates to settle in turbid water.

The seeds, sometimes removed from more mature pods and eaten like peas or roasted like nuts, contain high levels of vitamin C and moderate amounts of B vitamins and dietary minerals


Snakes also enjoys the Moringa

A lot of fruit coming out of the flower

Moringa's looking proud :-))

The Moringa workplace

Engine we are using for our water and electricity.

Many fruit this year, also called "drumsticks"

(from the appearance of the long, slender, triangular seed pods)

Butterflies also likes the Moringa

Big grasshopper 15 cm !

Lizards also like the Moringa very much

Big pods coming...

Pods fresh from the tree....


Fresh harvest more here...

Harvest from 2 days, more here...

Prune leaves

Washing, check and drying leaves

100 % Fresh Moringa Powder,

Organic, we don't use chemical products

Clean land, green leaves

Full of leaves

Water system for dry season

more and more trees.....

To distill the Moringa flower, but we have to work on this.......

We making our own non chemical

bio-pesticide called NEEM from the local tree called "Sdau".

It s working perfect !

Made from the tree and leaves

Meen as Pesticide in Moringa farm

from Dr. D. D. Faye

Neem leaf/bark consumption is recommended to boost the immune system, especially for people with HIV/AIDS. Neem leaf/bark is also a blood purifier and good for carbon sequestration and environment remediation. There are more to know of course about Neem. including its anti-malaria property.

With many thanks to the staff for take care


2014 leaves productions, beautiful fresh chemical free, Organic Moringa Leaves sprayed with disinfected water with spray irrigation!

1 ha more new Moringa trees coming

  Soxleth extracts Oil from the flower.

Together with Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences we are working to approve the quality and research the Moringa, with many thanks to Jacques !


639, Phum Tavean, Khum Sala Kamroeuk, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Office: 855 63 965 328

FAX:   855 63 965 329


at Moringa Cambodia  / at Baca Villa

You can find our Organic Moringa products in many Shop/Supermarkets

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